Tatja at 916SKIN has made a huge impact on the way I look and feel. As someone who suffered from severe cystic acne for 10 years, I can tell you that I’ve tried everything to rid myself of angst-inducing and painful pimples. In 10 years of desperately seeking for something that could help me regain my clear skin and confidence, I have never come across anything as effective as the acne treatment program from 916SKIN. Some of those other over-the-counter brand name products worked for me for a while, but never got me completely clear. The clearing power those other products did possess, began to lose their oomph the longer I continued to use them. Tatja has helped me make many changes to my diet. The results are clearly evidenced by the dietary changes and the formulas she had me use. My before and after pictures speak for themselves and reveal just how clear I was able to get by adhering to Tatja’s treatment plan. My bimonthly visits were worth every penny. I am ecstatic that after just a few months, I was as clear as someone who doesn’t get acne. Once I was all cleared up, I was able to maintain my clear skin with just 1 visit per month while sticking to my skincare protocol. I have been free of acne for over a year now, and only require the supplements and acne products to maintain my clear skin. If you’re tired of trying everything from harmful dermatologist’s prescriptions, home remedies and well-known OTC acne products, GO TO 916SKIN.

Marc Collins – Roseville, CA

Nutrition Consultation...

eating for clear acne-free skin

Holistic Nutrition leads to optimal health and a higher level of functioning. You'll find more balance and harmony in your mental, physical and spiritual well being. To learn more about how you can have abundant energy, a focused mind and a radiant clear complexion, please call and schedule a nutrition consultation with our Holistic Nutritionist. 530.680.2027

Holistic Nutrition uses combinations of food, supplements and herbs to achieve optimal health. It can be used as a preventative health approach for the average person without any ailments or as a modality for healing or symptom management for people living with chronic illness or other medical conditions.

The focus is on eating foods that provide your body with the highest levels of nutritional value and supplementing the diet with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, herbs, etc. when necessary. However, it is much more than just eating a balanced diet. Diet and nutrition have a profound impact on mental and physical health. The wrong food and lack of balanced nutrients can lead to many debilitating psychological and physical symptoms and degenerative health conditions.

An important part of living a holistic health life style and adhering to the principles of holistic nutrition is getting to know your body and what it needs. Different people need different things. It all depends on your individual body chemistry. We want to get as many nutrients as possible from food. Due to soil depletion and nutritional deficiencies it's become more necessary to supplement the diet. There is not a "one size fits all" nutritional supplement. Customized nutritional supplements selected specifically for your unique biochemistry is the most effective method.

It's also important to have biochemical lab work done to help pinpoint specific deficiencies or disorders, to tell you how well your detoxification pathways are functioning and to identify hidden food sensitivities.

Holistic nutrition is very individualized, personal, and specific to your needs. It takes into account a person's overall medical and physical health, as well as the issues that one is trying to improve or heal. It also considers the underlying issues that are affecting your health. Different illnesses, conditions or diseases have different nutritional requirements and each responds to diet and nutrition uniquely.

There is also not a "one size fits all diet." Some people thrive on grains, others thrive on high protein diets while some obtain abundant energy from a vegetarian diet. What energizes one person can leave another in a heap on the floor.

Nutritional plans should be customized. A diet that was designed for someone with low hydrochloric acid would not be good for someone who suffers from ulcers. A person who is deficient in chromium will require more of this nutrient than the average person. A person with a sensitivity to eggs would want to eliminate this food from the diet, whereas, someone without this sensitivity would benefit from the vitamins and minerals offered by this particular food.

Some individuals may have a metabolic disorder such as hypoglycemia or diabetes and therefore would need to follow a diet regimen and supplementation plan that helps keep their blood sugar in balance. Another person may have many different issues going on at the same time. Perhaps they have numerous food allergies, hypoglycemia or diabetes and several nutritional deficiencies. So they would have a very different nutritional plan from someone who has none of these issues.

If you're just getting started with holistic nutrition, or you're contemplating changing things up a bit - it's probably best to make changes gradually so that changes won't seem so drastic and difficult to stick with. Be patient, forgiving and kind with yourself, but work toward self discipline. Change takes time!

To schedule your consultation with a certified holistic nutritionist, please e-mail us or call 530.680.2027

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