“I have suffered from acne for the past couple years and it’s definitely affected my confidence. Though the majority of my acne wasn’t inflamed, it was deep under the skin and caused my face to look grainy and coarse. My forehead was the worst and so I resorted to having bangs. I was never comfortable wearing my hair back. Meanwhile, my forehead only got worse because I was always touching it. All I ever used was the Target brand face scrub and toner. When that obviously wasn’t working, I started using all natural face cleansing products from Trader Joes. I still had no positive results. When I moved to Chico at the beginning of the summer my mom and I researched dermatologists in the area. We chose 916 Skin simply because we liked what we read on the web site, and the program did not involve taking pills or medication. I have loved 916 Skin because it is all about commitment. Seeing such drastic results in such a short time is a huge encouragement. My summer in Chico has come to a close, and after seeing Tatja for a span of 10 weeks my skin is clear. I can move off to college with confidence and put my acne behind me! I would recommend 916 Skin to anyone and everyone who suffers from acne. Though it takes responsibility and is a big commitment, it is 100% worth it!”

Adrianne Austin - Cost Mesa, CA

Body Acne...

acne treatments for the back, chest & shoulders

Chest and back acne is a problem that most people don't give too much thought about, unless of course, they have it. After all, it's not as bad as having it on your face, right? Well, not really. For those who suffer from back acne, it can mean no backless dresses, no bathing suits or no tank tops. 

Back acne can be tricky to treat. The good news is that the skin on your back is not nearly as sensitive as the skin on your face and neck, which means it can be treated with topical acne products that are typically too strong for those more sensitive areas. When the correct products are used in the right way, we can clear it up pretty quickly. 

There are a variety of serums - different derivatives at different concentrations that act to exfoliate the skin. It's important to consider the skin's sensitivity level as well as the acne type when determining which serum will be most effective. The primary objective of the serum is to exfoliate the dead surface cells that lead to acne impactions. For stubborn, non-inflamed acne, we often turn to a variety of retinoids, which can be highly effective when used the right way. If your back acne is inflamed; meaning red, cystic, pustular, sometimes painful, or hot to the touch, you're in need of an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Benzoyle peroxides can be extremely effective, but again, only when the proper protocol is followed. Keep in mind, this product can backfire and trigger breakouts when used the wrong way.

Keratosis pilaris, an acne-like skin condition, is often referred to as "chicken skin." It is commonly found on the back of the arms and top of the thighs, and is treated similarly to back acne. Though not technically acne, it too, is a result of impacted follicles and needs chemical exfoliation. The skin on the back of the arms is typically more sensitive than the back, so comparatively, it's important to use less aggressive topicals. 

Another skin condition that mimics acne is Pityrosporum folliculitis, a fungus, which often shows relief with dandruff shampoo. If you suspect you have this condition, seek the care of a dermatologist, as acne treatments can make it worse.

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