I thought that since I didn't have a problem with acne as a teenager that I was one of the lucky ones.......boy was I wrong. After having my children, in my late twenties I started to breakout on my chin. For the next eight years I spent way too much money on over the counter and mail order acne treatments that didn't work. What I couldn't clear up, I then spent money on to cover up with make-up. Towards the end of those eight years I would allow my acne to dictate who I would see on a particular day. My children then began to question why my face was always red and why I had so many "bumps"......I was crushed! In a fit of desperation I googled acne treatment in Chico. I knew I didn't want to take medication and I was hoping there was some treatment out there for me that would work without being harsh on my skin. After reading several testimonials on the 916SKIN website I was hooked. I couldn't make my first appointment quick enough and when Tatja called to make sure I was committed I think I told her I would do anything at that point. My first appointment with Tatja was in February and by mid March I was seeing definite improvement in the look and feel of my skin. By the three month mark my skin was clearer then I had seen it in 15 years. My skin has a natural red tone to it and my fear in the beginning was that I would end up with less acne but a red face. I can say that at no point did I feel my skin was irritated or red. For the first time in my adult life my skin has a healthy glow. In the past, stress has been a huge trigger with my acne and I didn't think I would ever find anything that would keep me clear during those times. Through the past six months I put this program through the test with the loss of my brother, a five day stay in the hospital and my husband taking a new job in the Middle East. I have stayed clear the entire time! This program does take commitment, but if you stick with it you will be amazed by the results. Tatja has given me back my confidence and I feel beautiful! Thank you Tatja!

Erica Bloxham – Chico, CA

Light Therapy...

for inflamed acne.

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